Noah 's Ark And The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay

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There are numerous ancient stories of a flood that are remarkably similar, for instance Noah’s Ark and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Even though the names and places are different, the story lines are similar. There are different opinions, but numerous people believe all these stories were based on some event that actually happened sometime in the distant past.

The biblical story of “Noah’s Ark” founded in (Genesis 6-9), is the original encounter of the flood story. Many religions believe God’s word is true, cause of its reputation the word of God’s is taken very seriously. In the bible, the people became aggressive, wicked and corrupted in their ways; once God noticed that he became angry with the people. Because of the people wickedness, the Lord regretted that He had made man on the earth. (Genesis 6:5-6). In “Noah’s Ark”, God realized that the earth was corrupt, full of hatred and violence. Consequently, God knew the only way to ameliorate the world was, by causing a flood that would annihilate all creatures from the face of the earth. Therefore, God chose Noah to fabricate an ark to save two of every animal and restart mankind after the flood. God permitted rain to fall upon the face of the earth for 40 days and 40 nights (Genesis 7). Some say The Story of the Flood existed before the story of Noah’s Ark. Others think that the biblical story of Noah was a revised copy of “The Story of the Flood”. Based on information founded, one could plead that Noah’s Ark was a mere image…

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