Essay about No Profit Is Worth More Than A Human Life

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Title Mark Dowie’s opinion on this concept is that no profit is worth more than a human life. In his article he talks in depth about Ford Motor companies and a car they designed and produced in the seventies, the Pinto. The Pinto was a very rushed project that focused more on making a profit than the quality and safety of the vehicle. The entire tone of the article casts a harsh judgmental light on the decisions made during that project. He makes it very obvious that he opposes Ford decisions to put money before safety. He interviewed a Ford engineer who said, “This company is run by salesmen, not engineers; so the priority is styling, not safety.” He uses italics to drive home his main points, and they’re almost all about how a small price could have saved hundreds of lives. Such as his sarcastic remark, “it’s acceptable to kill 180 people… every year, even though we have the technology to save their lives for $11 a car.” It’s very obvious to anyone that reads his article that he believes companies should be willing to give up a few dollars in profits if it means saving lives, and that they should be punished if they willfully put people at risk.
In a completely different outlook, Friedman says that corporations have no “social responsibilities”. He thinks that companies only have a responsibility to make money, “that responsibility is to conduct the business in accordance with their desires, which generally will be to make as much money as possible while conforming to…

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