No Biggie, An American Award Winning Journalist, Commentator And Author

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Many people tend to not care about politics or anything of that nature. However E.J. Graff presents a very valid point. She states “No biggie, some people think: Just write a will and some health care proxies, appoint a guardian, and you 're all set (4). However the adoption process is not easy as many may think. E.J. Graff thoroughly evaluated her claim and made a lot of valid points on the continuous revolving issue of the homosexuals and adoption rights. E.J. Graff is an American award-winning journalist, commentator and author. She is also a contributing editor and daily columnist at The American Prospect. She has had her work published in numerous publications to include The New York Times, The Los Angeles Review, and The Washington Post, just to name a few. She has also been excerpted in textbooks and anthologies. Looking at where the original article was published and from reading some of her background information, infers that she values diversity, equal rights, same sex marriage and adoptions. In other words she is probably a liberal. The article was originally published on The American Prospect website, a liberal or in their terms, “progressive” website and magazine. One would assume that her motivation for writing this article thrives from her focus on misreported social injustices to women, children, families, and lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people. She is clearing the air and setting the record straight for the misreported information put out…

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