Essay about Nietzsche 's Theory Of Existentialism

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I am writing about Nietzsche’s ideas on what makes us human in which he explains the over man and the three transformations. I will also discuses Sarte’s belief what the purpose of human life is. Nietzsche is an existentialist that wrote a passage based on the human transformation in three stages. Sarte is also an existentialist that believes existentialism is humanism. Nietzsche describes his theory of existentialism through multiple metamorphoses. He stresses in his passage that these transformations are not for everyone because not everyone will break away from the heard. The first is the “Camel” who is bogged down, spirit takes a lot on, and carry’s a heavy load (Evans Lecture). The next metamorphoses is the “Lion’, who is strong and starts fighting back. This is the stage where man starts creating his own outcome by becoming different. The last one is the “Child”, who is innocent and has a new beginning. The new child is pure and ready to take on new knowledge which Nietzsche describes as the whole point of the transformations. Sartre’s whole passage is about how existence precedes essence, which means “We are only what we make ourselves” (Sartre 121). What differs is that Nietzsche believes that a man has to go through a metamorphoses in order to reach higher knowledge, as Sartre dose not say anything about that in his passage. Sartre goes on to explain that anguish happens from the pressure knowing that “In choosing ourselves we choose a blueprint for…

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