New York City Crime Drop Essay

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The New York City crime drop is one of the largest epidemics in our countries history. During the 1990’s crime in New York City, and around the world, began to decreases and has been on the decline ever since. Little research has been done on the cause of this crime drop, there has not been a substantial amount of research on why the crime drop has occurred other than police had to have played an important role because nothing else did (Zimring 2012). New police strategies and techniques had to have influenced the crime drop. Among these new strategies and techniques is community policing. Community policing is the practice of placing police officers in particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants, which then makes the local inhabitants less likely to commit crime. Community policing played a major role in the New York City crime drop epidemic, as well as still keeping crime down today. Community policing has a long thorough history in the United States and globally. Community policing became an idea in the 1970s as a remedy to get police officers to be more alert with communities and build trust with the residents that reside in those neighborhoods. During the 1980s community policing officially began in hopes to gain trust with the community and allow police officers to solve community problems as they enhance safety in the community. Community policing later received funding in the 1990s (Lombardo & Lough, 2007). This type of policing had…

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