Essay about New Technology During World War I

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New technology introduced in World War I was indispensable for the Allies to surmount obstacles and win World War I. Prior to World War I, countries used ineffective and archaic weapons like knives and rifles to bear the brutal conditions of war. However, advanced weaponry (such as poison gas, machine guns, tanks) improved chances for the Allies (Britain, France, Russia, and United States) and Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary) to compete and win the war. New weaponry enabled both sides to have advantages in a crucial war. Without any technological advancements, the Allies and Central Powers would 've fought a war with several more casualties and hindrances in their paths to win World War I.

To start off, one beneficial advancement resulted in poison gas. Originally, Germany introduced poison gas but both the Allies and Central Powers used it against each other. Germany 's invention featured deadly and deleterious effects on the human body. Poison gas caused blindness, blisters, and deaths via choking for people who succumbed to this deadly invention. The idea of winning World War I was eased with poison gas but resulted in a myriad number of deaths and casualties on both sides. Germany had an advantage as the poison gas proved to be beneficial at the Second Battle of Ypres. Canadian and British troops were debilitated by the dangerous effects of the but eventually resurged to a improved condition. Even though, there was no clear-cut winner, the Allies created a…

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