New Deal Under Attack Essay

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Cameron Spencer
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Comparison Essay
20 Nov 2012
New Deal Under Attack
During the middle of the Great Depression many opposed the New Deal. I’m going to compare document 24-3 with document 24-5. I intend to describe the opponents of the New Deal, and the differences between Herbert Hoover and Huey Long’s plans. The first document is about Huey Long’s beliefs and his redistribution of wealth plan. He expresses his sheer disappointment over Roosevelt’s New Deal program and regrets supporting him in the election. The second document is about the conservative criticisms of the New Deal. Herbert Hoover’s anti-New Deal campaign speech centers on limiting government involvement and self-reliance of the people. Minnie Hardin’s letter to
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One of Long’s slogans was that “every man a king, but no man wears a crown.” In Huey Long’s speech to the members of the share our wealth society in 1935, he lays out his redistribution of the wealth plan clearly. He first discusses that “none should own so much of the things which he does not need and cannot use as to deprive the balance of people of a reasonable proportion of the necessities and conveniences of life.” He goes on to state that in both Hoover’s and Roosevelt’s presidential nomination speeches that the two both advocate sharing the national wealth. However, the two candidates did not offer any great plans, but they fed off the popularity of the idea because of the Great Depression at hand. Long had several great plans, but the first was to mobilize all the citizens of the United States around the ideas because their former presidents have forgotten how to execute their plans. He explains that God and faith were the first to tell us how to redistribute the wealth. Also, the 600 ruling families of America have put around 125,000,000,000 free-Americans into slavery. By this he means the debt of the United States has condemned the American people and forged chains on their wrists and ankles, far worse than the Egyptians did on the Israelites. The citizens will never be able to pay back this debt and no-one expects them to. He lays out his Share Our Wealth movement precisely. The

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