Essay New Day Online Casino Games

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Meta: Tom Horn is the hottest developer around in 2016, with the brand seemingly having the midas touch when it comes to online slots. Roaring with prior, Savannah King could soon be crowned king of the reels!

Savannah King Review

Modern day online casino games really do represent something of an adventure, as titles of today present a sharp contrast to the glitz and glamour of old fashioned casino slot machines. One game that is certainly roaring with pride as we speak is the newest release from Tom Horn, which is called Savannah King. This game makes promises about being different from every other game and aims to provide players with an adventure inspired by the plains of Africa.

Savannah King definitely makes a lot of promises, but can it really deliver on them? Does the bark match the bite with the Savannah King? Let’s find out!

Living free in the wild

With a name like Savannah King you won’t be surprised to hear that the background of this wild game is the beautiful landscapes of the African Savannah. You’ll be amazed by the incredible graphics and symbols and the many high paying combinations that show up across the 5 reels and 15 pay lines.

Rhinos, lions, zebras, and more

The wild animals of the Savannah make up the bulk of the symbols in this video slot machine. You can expect to find zebras, hippos, rhinos, and lions. All of these symbols are wonderfully decorated and drawn and are so well coloured that they look like the real thing. The whole screen looks…

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