Essay on Need And Use For Language Within Our Society

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This essay will inform the reader about the necessary need and use for language within our society. Included in this essay is the beginnings of language and where scientists believe uses were cultivated. It will offer support information on the use of body language and how a person whom has no capabilities of hearing uses both styles of had gestures and alphabetical movements, included as to why it is necessary for them to also use body language as a tool to their understanding of conversation. Furthermore, to give the reader something to think about when it comes to languages and how the existing languages are becoming obsolete, as time has developed more technology. Dead languages are just an example of how society has handled desires for advancement, thus when a language is no longer used how it affects the current societies and what will happen if all languages are fluxed and irrelevant who will suffer the loss of past languages. The Beginning of Languages Use and why is Language Changing The first known written language began in a city called Uruk, it was located in Mesopotamia which by today’s known area on the map of the world is considered modern day Iraq, parts of Iran and Syria. The main reason for language development was so that lending to the poor would be accounted for. Although, most of the predated writings have no actual function in our society as of today, some scientist use the old world samples of languages to decipher found objects and artifacts…

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