Nclb Essay

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No Child Left Behind and its Effects on City School Districts


The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) is a federal law that mandates a number of programs aimed at improving U.S. education in elementary, middle, and high school by increasing accountability standards. The aproach of NCLB is based on theories in education that high expectations and goal setting will result in greater educational achievement for most students. High standards for all students as well as educators are quality goals, however, using standardized tests to measure success is not the most effective method. Having high standards is a necessary part of our nation's success, it sets a high level of accountability
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This federal law was designed to set up specific standards for the public education system grades kindergarten through high school in the United States. In 2001 President George Bush revised and renamed The Elementary and Secondary Act and put into affect “The No Child Let Behind Act” (NCLB). This Act altered the learning system in schools across the country greatly from the content of the course material to the motivation of the teachers. This Act was passed to make education equal among all students in the United States, no matter what their financial situation, location in the United States, or even their social status. The NCLB is built on four common sense pillars: accountability for results; an emphasis on doing what works based on scientific research; expanded parental options; and expanded local control and flexibility. NCLB supports learning in early years, thereby preventing many learning difficulties that may arise later. Children who enter school with language skills and pre-reading skills are more likely to learn to read well in the early grades and succeed in later years. Research shows that most reading problems faced by adolescents and adults are the result of problems that could have been prevented through good instruction in early childhood years. NCLB targets resources for early childhood education so that all

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