Nazi Propaganda Analysis

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Part A: Plan of Investigation This investigation will assess the means in which the Nazi Party came to power by the use of propaganda. To get the most replete assessment, one must take into consideration the means and motives for propaganda during this time period. Furthermore, one important part of this investigation is to evaluate the target audience the propaganda and what advantages would arise if the propaganda went well. Finally, how the propaganda utilized by the Nazi Party would shift World War II will be evaluated. In order to assess Nazi propaganda, two books, two web sources, and a poster will be utilized as guides that will help to learn more about the meaning of propaganda in this time period and the basis behind it. The two books that were chosen will be appraised in order to reference their origin, purpose, value, and limitations. These books are Jeffrey Herf’s The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust, and David Welch’s Nazi Propaganda (RLE Nazi Germany & Holocaust): The Power and the …show more content…
By targeting the youth of Germany, Hitler would be able to grow the future of Germany without resistance because he even implemented propaganda in the school system, one poster shows Hitler lifting up a child. ("Children, What Do You Know of the Fuhrer?"). This can be seen as propaganda because it appealed to the Germans and could be seen as a sign that Hitler and the Nazi Party were people of justice. (“Children, What Do You Know of the Fuhrer?”). In the classroom teachers would only be allowed to talk about how good the Nazi Party was and of all the good they were doing to prevent the Allied Powers from taking over Germany. The youth knew how it was during the Great Depression before Hitler and they did not want to go back to such a place that was filled with grief and

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