Nature of Business of Kfc Essay

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Week 1 - overview |

1. Discussion on Course Plan 2. Forming a group:
Principles of Marketing (3-4 in a group)
Introduction to Marketing (4-5 in a group)

Week 2 - Topic 1: Foundations of Marketing |

Instructions: Read Harley Davidson case

Discussion questions

Few brands engender such intense loyalty as that found in the hearts of Harley-Davidson owners. Long ago, the folks at the renowned motorcycle maker realized that the best way to create lasting relationships with its customers was to understand them on their own terms. It wants to know who its customers are, how they think and feel,
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"McDonald's is the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children," Stephen Gardner, litigation director for the advocacy group said in a statement. "McDonald's use of toys undercuts parental authority and exploits young children's developmental immaturity."

McDonald's disagreed strongly with that characterization, saying that its meals were "right-sized for kids" and that it offered healthful choices. Toys, said spokesman William Whitman, are "just one part of a fun, family experience at McDonald's."

The chain's menu now includes the option of apple slices instead of French fries, he said. And children can order milk or juice with their Happy Meals rather than soda. Since the apple slices, called "Apple Dippers" by the company because they include a caramel sauce for dipping, were introduced in 2008, customers have ordered them more than 100 million times in the U.S., Whitman said.

In April, Santa Clara County supervisors won praise from nutrition

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