Nature as Monster By Margret Atwood Essay

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1. What as Margret Atwood called nature poetry ? According to Margret atwood nature poetry is not poetry about nature but it is usually about the poet’s attitude towards the external nature universe.
2. How do the Canadian poets depict nature? Canadian poets depict nature as something that is dead and unanswery or actively hostile to man.
3. What are the two emotions depicted by the Canadian poets about nature? One is faith in the Divine Mother and the other is a feeling of hopeless imprisonment.
4. What are the two favourite methods for despatch man by nature? One is drowning and another is freezing.
5. Explain the David Goliath in Canadian literature? David – Goliath imagery is taken from the Holy Bible. In the story
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Canto One of Book One entitled ‘The Symbol Dawn’ ends with the line “This was the day when Satyavan must die.” So, The Second Canto ‘The Issue’ is the one in which Savitri faced the fundamental problem of human life, death. In a few hours, death would take away Satyavan. It placed Savitri very near to the mighty issue between Death ignominious and Life Eternal. The issue would be joined between Yama and Savitri. She could not withdraw and allow Fate to run its course. She had to go forward, struggle, and dare Destiny, whatever the outcome. Still, Savitri, the Universal Mother, should not fail. Full of compassion, she had to strengthen her inner spirituality and face the inevitable Death to defeat it. Hence the title.
How did Savitri recapitulate her many -faceted past?
Savitri was the Universal Mother, full of compassion. She was lost in thinking about her secret, mysterious thoughts. Now in human form, her mind recapitulated her many - faceted past. The near past marched through her memory as a reverie. She glanced at her treasure – trove of memorable experiences where everything could be found as fresh as a morning flower. Her sweet childhood days and the romantic youth lay in “the sweet by paths” of her memory. Her life’s “broad highways” brought back to her the many- coloured joys of her twelve month long life of deep love with Satyavan. Now she had come to face the silent approaching death. To her, it was the time in which “heaven raced with death.”

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