Natural Selection Is Chaotic

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Naser Alnajem
Christian Petersen
Oct 9th 2015

Evolution is not a chaotic process. Evolution is associated with the development of new devices, the formation of new species, the progressive development of wildlife. Natural selection is the only factor that is acting in a heterogeneous population, directs the evolutionary process. According to Charles Darwin the premise of natural selection is the struggle for existence. From a modern point of view, through the struggle for existence, the mechanism of natural selection is carried out.
The species is the basic structural unit of wildlife. It arises, develops, and when the usual conditions of existence change, it may disappear or be transformed into other forms. Species is the set of individuals
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Natural selection is the process of selection of genotypes of individuals, the most adapted to certain environmental conditions, and the elimination of genotypes of individuals less adapted to the conditions. Individuals that are more adapted to the environmental conditions leave more offspring than the ones that are less adapted. Natural selection is the driving force of evolution. Adaptation to the particular conditions of existence is formed only by mechanism of natural selection. It is a consequence of the struggle for existence. Natural selection ensures the adaptation of living organisms to constantly changing environmental conditions. All living organisms from generation to generation pass rigorous testing of all the smallest details of their structure and functioning of their systems in a variety of conditions. Only those who have withstood this test are selected and give birth to the next …show more content…
More or less obvious that Charles Darwin studied the genetic variability, lacking modern genetic concepts. Today we know that genetic variation is the result of sexual reproduction and mutation process. Mutation is one of the main sources of genetic variation. Genes mutate at a certain frequency. Mutations are common in the population. Not all mutations affect genes; most of the mutations accumulated in the non-coding sequences. Basing on its consequences for the organism, mutations can be divided into harmful, useful and neutral. Mutations are the primary changes, which are based evolution and selection. The natural manifestation of mutation is a process that is constantly running in all organisms. It is based on changes in the chemistry of genes, various structural changes in the chromosomes, changes in number of chromosomes. Mutational variability underlies all of the starting material for breeding, since the original primary hereditary diversity occurs only on the basis of

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