Essay on Natural Disasters And Its Effects On The World

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From Los Angeles to Beijing, natural disasters can happen in even the most remote places in the world. Natural disasters do not just destroy land, they also cause economic distress and make life more problematic. With many different names, what we know as hurricanes, occur all over the world. Some call them typhoons or tropical cyclones, just to name a few. An average hurricane can be around six hundred miles across, with strong winds spiraling inward at speeds of seventy-five to two hundred miles per hour. They last up to a week, moving across the land at ten to twenty miles per hour. When hurricanes hit land they bring heavy rains, strong winds, and sometimes large waves; their destruction slows development, destroy homes, buildings, power lines, and roads. Kevin L. Kliesen said “Since 1989 insurance companies have paid out more than forty-four billion dollars in damage claims stemming from… hurricanes…” (Kevin L. Kliesen, April 1994). It takes a toll on the community’s drive, causing there to be a lapse in time before they can reach a state of normalcy again. In an article from The Atlantic, Rebecca J. Rosen had stated that “Such a disaster might permanently set a country back; it might temporarily derail growth only to get back on course down the road, it may even lead to greater growth…” (Rebecca J. Rosen, Aug 18, 2014). An earthquake is caused due to the shifting and breaking of tectonic plates. There are approximately twenty plates on the earth’s crust. When they…

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