Essay on Native Son- Cycle of Poverty

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Cycle of Poverty

Do poor children become poor adults? Does your financial status predetermine you and your family’s success rate? The cycle of poverty is a cold hearted phenomenon. Throughout the world families struggle to break the cycle of poverty- but does it work? In Native Son by Richard Wright, the cycle of poverty rules the Thomas family. They are born into poverty and find it extremely difficult to lift themselves out of their tragic situation. Although several individuals in the novel work to end the cycle, many of their solutions are insufficient and do not take on the problem as a whole. Bigger Thomas and his family clearly portray a typical family stuck in the cycle of poverty. Although many attempts are made to break the
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His action of sending ping-pong tables does not educate, offer opportunity, give self-esteem or confidence, and does not create equality in any way. These would be good steps to improving the poor’s lifestyle. Max tries to relay this to Mr. Dalton in Bigger's jail cell: “Will ping-pong tables keep men from murdering? Can't you see? Even after losing your daughter, you're going to keep going in the same direction? Don't you grant as much life-feeling to other men as you have? Could ping-pong have kept you from making your millions? This boy and millions like him want a meaningful life, not ping-pong...” (p. 295). Although it does not offer any opportunities, it does help keep young African Americans busy and off the streets, therefore reducing crime. When kids are actively busy and productive, they are less likely to participate in mischievous activities. By Dalton offering jobs to African Americans he is definitely helping their society. The only problem with this idea is that he is only helping one out of millions of people. He cannot end the cycle of poverty through one person. Dalton offers Bigger a job working as his family’s chauffeur, trying to give Bigger a chance at the world. While his intentions are good, he is subliminally enforcing the concept of blacks being inferior to whites. He works in the house serving their family. He is somewhat in the same situation as slaves- which the time

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