Native Americans : The Trail Of Tears Essay

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Beginning with the colonization of the United States of America, the lives of Native Americans were forever altered. When colonists began to settle in America and then spread out further west they clashed, many times violently, with the Native Americans already there. A lot of Native Americans were killed, forced off their land, and treated like savages or lesser than the “white man”. One of the most famous incidents of Native Americans being forced of their lands was the Trail of Tears. Crawford (2004) states that:
In the early 1830s President Andrew Jackson initiated a policy of forcible Indian removal from the eastern United States… Their ordeal became known as the Trail of Tears, as more than a third of tribal members died en route to Oklahoma. (p. 92)
More specifically, the main group of Indians being moved were the Cherokee natives from Georgia to Oklahoma. The forced removal of the Cherokee natives was approved by President Andrew Jackson, who was also called Sharp Knife by the natives. According to Brown (1970), “…Sharp Knife was convinced that Indians and whites could not live together in peace and that his plan would make possible a final promise which never would be broken again” (p. 5). Jackson’s opinion about Native American and white interaction was shared by most of the white American population. Also, his plan to never have the “final promise” broken was not effective. There were many other promises to the Native Americans that were broken. This was…

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