Native Americans Are Responsible For The Contribution Of More Than 40 Of The Paintings

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Known for their various types of artwork and different lifestyles, Native Americans are responsible for the contribution of more than 50% of the artwork we see today in our region. Most people believe that museums are basically only places you visit on random school field trips and they can not really teach you anything. I was one of these people. I felt that museums were not interesting at all and because of how boring they were, that no one actually learned anything from them. Well, one trip to the Arizona State Museum proved my theory completely wrong. By visiting the museum, I learned a collection of new and interesting facts about the Native American people that i would not have learned otherwise. For example, I learned that the Native American people were known as the, “First Artists,” because it is not known when they first began actually making artwork. Also, most of the artwork made by the Natives were often passed down from generation to generation and were part of their cultures. You would think, as a proud Native American myself, that this would’ve been a given for me, but before I’d taken a trip to the Arizona State Museum, I had no clue about the huge contribution Native Americans are responsible for. I believe that without the influence of Native Americans, the art world of today would not be as intricate, or diverse because Native Americans were the first people to introduce patterns to artists, create art out of various beads and rocks, and they were the…

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