Native Americans And Other Countries Right Essay

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I never really was taught to understand Blackness, my Blackness, and what that meant living in a world that despised dark skin. I was always taught the right-doings of White people and acted as if no other race had much History.

I mean, it doesn’t matter, right? We’re in America. White people are the majority, not the minority, so it’s only fitting that we learn the most about European culture and how the Whites “saved” Native Americans and other countries… Right? Right.


If History Textbooks were artists, their album tracklist would go a little bit like this:

Track 1: Indigenous Savages (feat. Franz Ferdinand & Christopher Columbus)
Track 2: I Think I Made A Mistake (feat. Christopher Columbus, Santa Maria, Pinta & Nina)
Track 3: Manifest Destiny (feat. Steal Land & Kill ‘Em All Kelly)

And it would go on from there. History textbooks became artists who created the same album, except every year they would re-release the same album with the same message in more complicated words.

Growing up in grade school, I was surrounded by Asians. There were only a small amount of black people in a class of about 30 kids, all of which I could count on my right or left hand.

(However, even growing up in a school with more than sixty percent of students were non-white, they still managed to make things about white people and I hadn’t realized how toxic that was until I became Woke.)


I remember freshman year after I had learned about the death of Trayvon…

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