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The American Indian has been the subject of many different emotions throughout history. Emotions ranging from fear to spiritual enlightenment. Could the War on the American Indians been prevented through better talks between Europeans and Native Americans. This essay will discuss the history of the War on the American Indian and how it affected the tribes of North America Forever.
Since the arrival of European peoples from Europe the Native American Indians who were settled in the area where seen as barbarians and savages. This was mainly because Europeans had little understanding of their culture and the way of things in the Native Americans life. After around 1492 European exploration and colonization of the Americas changed dramatically.
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The colonists succeeded in agriculture with some assistance from Native Americans. Native Americans gave them corn and traded often with them. There was a 12 year conflict followed by a short period of peace. Powhatan Indians killed 347 settlers throughout the Virginia colony during the first Powhatan War which was from 1622-1644. Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Saybrook colonies had an alliance together along with some other Native American tribes the Narragansett and Mohegan. This alliance was to help protect them from other Native American …show more content…
Pueblo Indians led by Popé, rebelled against the Spanish and lived independently for 12 years. The Spanish re-conquered them in 1692. The Spanish ruled with an iron fist punishing all who dared rebel again.
These are just a few of the wars against the Native Americans some were provoked by the settlers some were provoked by fear and hatred. Native Americans were rehomed many times and their way of life forever changed by the invasion of European people. Relations between the two peoples could have been adverted by simple talks and diplomacy but religious ideology and fear of the unknown prevented it. In the long run the Native American people have endured great strife and persecution to the extent of certain tribes being totally wiped out and some being assimilated into other

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