Native American Culture Has A Lush And Rich Culture Essay

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The Native American culture has a lush and rich culture. There are various tribes and members of each tribe throughout the United States. These tribes have fallen through much hardship throughout their time living in North America. Probably one of the biggest hardships they have faced was when the European settlers came to their land. With never making prior contacts with the Europeans the Native Americans had no idea what was coming their way. They exchanged goods, animals, food, and unfortunately disease with the Europeans. Many of their people died out from diseases foreign to their cultures and tribes. With the massive genocide of Native Americans their numbers were falling and their culture was at risk of disappearing forever into history. The surviving Native Americans were forced to live on reservations and many were put in Boarding or Reform schools to “Civilize the savages”. In modern times the Native American culture is something that is mainly only taught on the reservations and the stories have been being passed down for multiple generations. There was one exchange that still haunts he Native Americans today and that exchange was alcohol. According to “Their rate of alcoholism is much higher than the rest of the population — 1-in-10, or nearly 12% Native American deaths are alcohol-related, and nearly 12% of Native American deaths are alcohol-related.” (Treatment This is showing that Native Americans have a high chance of…

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