Native American And Native Americans Essay

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Now that we have gained new knowledge about the mistreatment of Native Americans, we have the responsibility to do something with this knowledge. To let this knowledge go to waste would be disrespectful not only to you (our instructor), but also to present day Native Americans who are being continuously mistreated by our government and our citizens. Using the knowledge we have gained from our readings and from lectures we are able to demonstrate our knowledge and new ideas by trying to make changes in both our daily lives and by trying to change our pre-misconceptions of Native Americans in Minnesota.
Before taking this course we were unfamiliar with many aspects of Native American life in both the United States and in Minnesota particularly. We had a general grasp of how poorly they were and continue to be treated, but we did not know to what extent. This class has given us valuable information about the history of Native Americans in Minnesota, and our previously unanswered questions about the topic have been answered through the readings and lectures. When thinking about Native Americans, you usually think about their history and rarely about present day Native Americans but after this class, our perception of Native American life in the U.S. has changed. We often learn about the original atrocities that happened when white settlers came to America, but what we don’t like to think about is how those events have had lasting effects on our society today. The books read in…

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