Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown Essay example

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”, presents an evident theme of weakness of public morality. Through the experiences that Goodman Brown goes through exemplifies this. There are three main encounters to focus on, his wife, the minister, and Goody Cloyse.
Goodman Brown’s wife is a young, devout christian in the Salem community. She is loved very much by her husband. The author states, “And Faith, as the wife was aptly named, thrust her own pretty head into the street, letting the wind play with the pink ribbons of her cap while she called to Goodman Brown.” She is presented as an innocent young lady who’s name is shown as one of loyalty and faith. She is concerned with her husband’s doings as he has business to take care of but she has no idea what he is yet to encounter. Later in the story, Goodman Brown is in the woods with a fellow traveler, he thinks he sees his wife. She is chanting alongside others going through the woods, but he knows that she is part of something much worse because of his company. The author writes, “ My Faith is gone!” cried he after one stupefied moment. “ There is no good on earth; and sin is but a name. Come, devil; for to thee is this world is given.” Goodman Brown is saddened by the evident loss of his innocent wife and her morality. He feels betrayed and thinks that she cannot regain the innocence she has lost. Brown believes that now there is no good on earth as a result of his wife’s now evident morality. Next, the Brown sees…

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