Nathaniel Hawthorne 's Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Nathaniel Hawthorne, in Young Goodman Brown gives a setting in the Puritan period, which many assumptions of witchcraft and devilish convictions took place. During this period, many town folks questioned the good and suspected the devil to be lurking and tempting the noble town people. The story begins with protagonist Goodman Brown’s departure on a journey in pursuit of his faith, he endures conflict within himself whether he is pure in faith or not. Through the use of Symbolism and Internal conflict Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” portrays what Brown’s journey represents.
Symbolism is significant in Young Goodman Brown; throughout the story we are presented with various allegories. Brown’s curiosities lead him into the forest, where he was invited by an elderly man to attend a wicked ceremony. Throughout their encounter it is revealed that the man is symbolized and represent as the devil, he tries to tempt Brown into attending the evil ceremony held deep in the forest. The journey and the forest itself symbolizes evil, the farther Brown goes into the forest the closer he is to being allured to convert into evil. Yet Brown refuses to oblige to the old man by rejecting to hold his staff, which he offers several times to Brown. The staff held by the man is denoted as a malicious serpent, Brown describes “… the only thing about him, that could be fixed upon as remarkable, was his staff, which bore the likeness of a great black snake, so curiously wrought, that it might…

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