Essay about Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Unwritten Story Of His Life

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Nathaniel Hawthorne is one of the most respected and recognized early American authors. His written stories are filled with both exciting events and disheartening scenarios. The unwritten story of his life, however, is just as interesting as his novels and short stories. Hawthorne was born on July fourth, eighteen hundred and four in Salem, Massachusetts. His birth name was actually Nathaniel Hathorne; he would later add the “w” to his name to distance himself from his ancestor, John Hathorne. Hathorne had been the only judge involved in the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts in sixteen ninety two.
Hawthorne’s father was a member of the East India Marine Society, but unfortunately would succumb to yellow-fever in eighteen hundred and eight, four years after Hawthorne’s birth. This tragic event would force Hawthorne, his mother and two sisters to move in with his mother’s relatives, the Mannings. At the age of nine, Hawthorne suffered an injury to his leg that kept him from most physical activities that a boy of nine would partake in. His injury would take nearly two years to heal, and during this time he adopted the habit of reading literature. Many believe that this is where his interest in becoming a writer began.
Over the next several years, Hawthorne would become a bookkeeper for his uncles and go to Bowdoin College. While in college he released his first novel Fanshawe. Although it was Hawthorne’s first published novel, he published it anonymously. Then when the…

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