Nat Turner And The Rebellion Of A Virginia Plantation Owned By Benjamin Turner

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Nat Turner was born a slave in a Virginia plantation owned by Benjamin Turner. He was very religious and believed that when he was little, he talked about events that had occurred before his birth. He claimed that he received divine visions and that god had spoken to him. According to Turner, the insurrection was god’s will that he was prophesized to carry out. These murders were carried out to terrorize whites, yet abolitionists still supported their actions, little did they know that the men had been drinking during the insurrection.
First, in his confessions Nat Turner says “I took my station in the rear, and, as it was my object to carry terror and devastation wherever we went, I placed fifteen or twenty of the best armed and most to be relied on in front, who generally approached the houses as fast as their horses could run.” (Nat turner, p. 4) This tactic was used so that his victims could not escape and so that they would be terrified by the swift approach. Taking this into consideration, one can conclude that Nat Turner was a terrorist. After the insurrection this news article tried to keep citizens calm, "An express from the Hon. James Trezevant states that an insurrection had broken out, that several families had been murdered, and that the Negroes were embodied, requiring a considerable military force to reduce them….” (Newspaper article, P.2) This article was clearly written in a cool tone to keep white people calm. Since the goal of terrorism is to strike fear…

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