Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass is an autobiography of the escaped slave Frederick Douglass. This book is about the life, thoughts, feelings, and experiences from his childhood until his escape. He talks about the ruthlessness that the owners used with their slaves. The descriptions to the insight relationships between master and slave are miserable and sad. Some owners showed no compassion. The knowledge of the American escaped slave became a really important factor into becoming a significant figure in the Anti-slave movement. situation This book is a powerful testimony and it is worth reading to comprehend how life was like for slaves at slavery times in America. It is a touching and emotionally charged story. He has the bravery to name the time, places and persons of his journey. It also interesting and true how he points out that some people used religion to take control of others. The author purposefully left out a lot of information on how he escaped to protect the identity of people. Douglass ran away so he also did not want the owners to know about the weaknesses of their systems so that more slaves could escape, even if it was published 10 years later. That lefts the reader with a big blank space. With all the detailed and personal content from his journey, letting the escaping part a secret makes it feel the book incomplete.
Frederick Douglass was born in 1817.When he was only a baby, he was separated from his mother. His life situation changed many…

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