Narrative Essay About Romanticism

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It all began sophomore year in the dull, cookie cutter classroom of Mrs. Reaves. She was very thin, lanky and fresh out of college. She was always trendy and in style. Her hair was short, thin, and straight. On the other hand, I was awkward and quiet. Every morning, I’d show up with my wet curly hair, sleepy eyes, and a somewhat put together outfit. Her room had cheesy motivational posters and smelled like her pumpkin spice candle warmer. We were her first class she ever taught; it was first period at the notorious Chelsea High School. When I heard the words, “We will be writing a research paper on Romanticism.” I felt that familiar feeling creeping up my spine again like a snake slithering through the grass.
Anxiety set in and my mind was
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“I thought I was supposed to branch off the worksheets and make it my own.” I replied. “No, many of you voted for me to ‘hold your hand’ through the writing process since it can be hard.” My mouth hung slightly open in shock.
“Oh okay. Well, have a nice day.” and I was off. Maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was at writing. Maybe my Mona Lisa was just another stick figure doodled sloppily on loose leaf. I went home later that day staring at the slaughtered rough draft and began to shut down into the mindset of, “I never was and never will be a good writer”. In the simplest of terms, she wanted me to use the worksheets as a sort of formula to write the paper. With mixed feelings of fear and utter shock, I began the final draft. I filled in the blanks and finished my paper. It was boring, generic, and almost robotic sounding. This wasn’t my voice at all. Feeling very wrong about the paper, I turned it in anyways. I ended up getting a decent grade of about an 80 or 85. Even with a decent grade, this changed my opinion on writing for the worst. Why write a paper if I can’t express myself or even put it in my own words? But what I learned was it was the Mad Libs way or the

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