Myth Of Classless Society Analysis

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What is the “myth of classless society” according to author Donna Langston?
The “myth of a classless society” according to the author Donna Langston is that “ambition and intelligence alone are responsible for success.” This myth according to the author “conceals the existence of a class society.” I do believe that we all have opportunities and that it is a choice that one makes to settle or achieve. I do believe that the journey can be more difficult due to race, gender and if exploit for all to know ones own sexuality. The myth according to Donna Langston implies the working class and poor are trapped in the belief that they can get ahead - I do not agree with her. I don’t believe the class lines are that defined so that and individual cannot
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I had the opportunity to further my education and I took it. My mother was raised by a single mother during the depression. She was never in want of anything, but she did not always get what she wanted. I was raised to treat others with respect no matter what race, gender, or age. My mom encouraged me to have high standards and to pursue a career. At first, I did not receive the same support from my father. He felt that I would marry and start a family so what was the point of me having me start a career. When I received my Associates degree and landed a white collar job at Chrysler Corporation he began to see me in a different light. I quickly move up the in the company at the age of 21 I was making over 20,000 a year (in the 1980’s that was not a low income) with full benefits. I began the pursuit of my Bachelor Degree. The opportunity presented itself for me to become partner in a sign company. My Bachelor degree took a back seat as our business grew. From age 22-32, I continued to build a business that is still viable to this day. I married at age 29, had my first child at 32 with two more to follow approximately three years apart. The maternal pull to be the “mom” that my mother was, had become so strong that I sold my half of the company to my partners. I was able to use my profits from the sale to offset the loss of income. For 10 years I became …show more content…
So I began trying to find myself a place again in the working world. This process would take me 10 years. I was out of sync with my field of expertise so I sought other forms of employment. Substitute teaching - which I truly loved, unfortunately it did not materialize into my career. I was employed for a year each at a data center and a financial institution for which I tolerated but hated with every fiber of my soul. I kept applying to BSU over these 10 years holding during that period of time I held three long term temporary positions, until I was hired for my current unique position at BSU. I have a wonderful job with a variety of job tasks. My coordinator encourages me to be creative. I am growing

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