My Values, Justice, And The Value Of Justice

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1. One value that I live by is the value of justice. To me, justice is a value that ensures equality, fairness, and adherence to the truth. Eliminating oppression and seeing all humans as equal is a value that guides my being. A second value that I adhere to is wisdom. I strongly believe in gaining a depth of understanding in order to have insight to the truth. Lastly, the value that guides me is simplicity. Being able to deal with life's complexity with a positive and playful perspective is a reminder that life is too short to be consumed by daily stressors. It’s a value that allows me to appreciate that the small things are what matters most.

2. I feel the three values I adhere to were developed during my undergraduate education. I studied
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My values greatly impact my personal life because they guide my conversations, whether that be political, being an advocate for voter registration, or correcting hateful speech/bias. My values have also greatly influenced my professional life because they has shaped my career goals. Not only have I expressed a desire to become a social worker, but I have also worked in the nonprofit sector for the past two years. I believe my values will follow me during my social work practice and in my field placement because I will continue to seek wisdom and fight for justice with the energizing and positive perspective of …show more content…
I feel two out the three values listed strongly coincide with the NASW Code of Ethics. I listed justice and wisdom and NASW lists social justice and competence. My third value doesn’t conflict with NASW Code of Ethics but simplicity is not part of the core.

6. Fairly recently I didn't realize that I was compromising my value of justice. Many NFL players have begun to kneel during the national anthem but one football player, Colin Kaepernick, has been ostracized for some time now when he was the only kneeling player that was protesting. Instead of supporting his protest, I remember making a comment stating why does he continue to protest if he wants work? Looking back at my comment, I realized the ignorance and power behind protesting. Shortly after my comment, many players have joined Kaepernick kneeling in protest after comments made by President Trump.

7. I would not like to change any of my personal values but sometimes the journey for justice can be overwhelming and seem daunting. The obstacles in place to seek justice sometimes feel too large to overcome, especially when the laws of society deter justice from being served. It also seems frustrating when seeking justice and no matter what new legislation develops it feels as if things have not changed. This ideology was expressed to me at my field agency by one of the case

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