Essay on My Room At The Sanuki Club Hotel

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At night, when I look outside the window from my room at the Sanuki Club Hotel, I am amazed at how beautiful this city is. I can see city lights, the radiant orange glow of Tokyo Tower just a few buildings away and yet there is a silence to it all. There is an incredible considerateness here. Loud noises are kept to a minimum, construction sites have decibel monitors, and are completely sealed off from the roads. In walkways and escalators, people keep to one side of the street and form a somewhat single file line. This order helps promote the better functioning of the society as a whole. The sacrifice of individual importance for overall welfare is incredible. But also different from American culture.

During orientation at Rice University, we learned about cultural differences and one of them was ‘wa’ or harmony. In the United States, we have quite the opposite which is the value of individuality. I remember when I visited New York City, one of the first things you experience is cars beeping at each other. Crossing the streets there feels like you might get hit by a car at any moment. Here in Tokyo, I feel completely safe crossing the streets. I rarely ever worry about getting hit by a car. This considerateness is not only found when crossing the street or on the walkways, but also in subways. When the subway comes to a stop, people wait for the people inside to get out before going in. This sense of following the ‘rules’ is a stark contrast to what one would experience in…

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