My Qualities I Have A Bad Communication Skills Essay

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Me and My Traits: I’m a friendly person, I like to talk to everyone, but it’s hard for me to make friends. I have a boring personality, I can 't keep a conversation going for long. I’m a sensitive person, but I don’t like to admit it or show it. I work well with others, I always compromise with my team members. However, I have a bad communication skills with the people I’m close to. If my friends are avoiding me and it seems like they are are mad at me and didn’t want to talk to me, I just let them be. I just like to let them cool themselves down and wait until they want to talk. It’s hard for me to go up to them and check on them and ask why they might be mad at me when I haven 't done anything wrong to them. As a result, they might think I don’t care about them or my friendships with them, but I do. I care for my friends and I’m so attached to them. It hurts when they misunderstand me and suddenly act like they don’t know me anymore. Whenever I face this kind of conflict I just keep all my feelings to myself and I won’t talk to them either. However, my communication skills has improved from my friend’s help. I’ve got out of my comfort zone and confronted with my friends that seems to be mad at me. I usually only get stressed from school especially when I fall behind in my classes and the teachers give me attitude when I ask questions. I’ll stop asking questions and I’ll ask my friends instead. I’ll also go out for a run to release all my stress, so my mind will be fresh…

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