Essay on My Parents Named Me Ben Schuessler

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My Parents Named Me Ben Schuessler “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we’re members of the human race.” This quote by Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) defines what the movie Dead Poets Society is all about. Mr. Keating is a professor at the all boy’s school of Welton Academy. Keating is the new poetry teacher and is determined to show the boys that they should be set on making their lives extraordinary. The students at Welton seem set on doing what they were sent to do: get good grades, graduate, and become whatever kind of doctor/lawyer that their heart desires. It’s like a herd of sheep, someone whistles for them to follow and they listen. Keating’s message is clear: being unique isn’t a bad thing, and making an impact on the world is what we were born to do! But most importantly: don’t let the world force into its mold. Be unique. It’s no mystery that children are clueless. We don’t know who we are or what our place in the world is for a long time. Adult role models help children figure out who they are. Mr. Keating is a different teacher than all of the boys have experienced before. His bombastic, outgoing personality is a shock to the students who are used to the good-ol’ read and regurgitate method. One morning, as the kids are “enthusiastically” shuffling in, Keating suddenly jumps upon his desk; asking the question, “Why do I stand up here?” The students are in both shock and awe. A teacher, standing on a desk? Unheard…

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