My Life At A Pharmacy Technician At Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

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My Pharmacy Family Over my lifetime, I estimate I will spend at least 40 years in the workforce, and I vow to never be someone who is miserable at work. Currently, in an average week, I seem to spend more time with my coworkers than I do with my family. Work is a significant aspect of life and finding a positive workplace is essential. Before I became a pharmacy technician at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, I had worked other jobs. My previous work experience was boring, repetitive, and did not come close to matching everything I love about the hospital. There is a certain energy and intensity that comes with working in the inpatient pharmacy: The stimulating environment, exciting atmosphere, and camaraderie of coworkers makes every day rewarding. Starting my shift at 6:30 a.m. does not mean I will walk into an idle, sleepy pharmacy. Hospitals are 24/7 operations and there is a constant need for medications at all hours of the day. The inpatient pharmacy is located on the second floor of the hospital behind an nondescript, secured door. The pharmacy consists of several adjoining rooms, each with their own purpose. Upon entering the pharmacy, the front counter comes into view. On each side of the counter sits a computer workstation and telephone. In this area, technicians answer phone calls, handle computer tasks, help hospital staff who come to the pharmacy pick-up window, and fill new doses of oral medications. The entire side wall is lined with bright blue bins, each the…

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