My Lady 's Presence By Anne Bradstreet And Henry Constable Essay

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Love is perhaps the most commonly written about thing in the world. It is something that all beings of the earth can experience, and that humankind has cherished and celebrated since the beginnings of civilization. Poetry, a beautiful art that is expressed by word rather than images, is a popular outlet for love to be expressed. The poems “To My Dear and Loving Husband” written by Anne Bradstreet and Henry Constable’s “My Lady’s Presence Makes the Roses Red” are two examples of love poems that express great joy and celebrate the beauty and simplicity that love can bring, in addition to telling of the author’s loves and how wonderful they are. The poem “My Lady’s Presence Makes the Roses Red” is a fourteen line Italian sonnet written in 1594 that tells the reader about a beautiful woman. In the first eight lines of this sonnet Constable details this mysterious woman 's beauty, comparing her to nature. It is explained that her lips are so red the roses blush with shame for their duller hue, that the lilies go pale with envy for not being as white as her hands, and that marigolds bloom in her presence, as she is as bright and warm as the sun itself. However, after these pleasantries are told to the audience Constable goes into a darker, angry tone with a very out of place line. “The violet of purple colour came,/Dyed in the blood she made my heart to shed” (7-8). From these two lines one can interpret that his heart is bleeding, and that this woman is the cause of his…

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