My Interview With Jw, A 71 Year Old Neighbor Essay

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This paper focuses on the first part of my interview with JW, a 71 year old neighbor. I will report on his past and present work life, his marital status, living arrangements, his family life and his relationship with them. It also takes lists his hobbies and interests, and how he spends time during the day. During the interview I performed several assessments to evaluate JW’s independence, cognitive thinking, and nutritional status, these results are reported on. His medications and his knowledge of them are also documented. Assessment Tools
Social history (Tabolski, 2014)
JW is a pleasant 71 year old male living in my neighborhood. He worked for Conrail Railroad as an assistant vice president until they were bought out in 2000, almost 40 years; since then he has been teaching economics at a local college. JW is the eldest of three boys, his parents are deceased, he was married for seven years, and divorced for 21 years, and he never remarried. JW’s two brothers live in the Baltimore, Maryland area, they are both married with three children each. His involvement with his family includes all holidays, and weekend visits every two months, he talks frequently with his brother over the phone and by email. JW owns his home, he lives alone and has two cats. If JW were in need of a caregiver he would either seek agency home care, look to a facility close to his family in Baltimore. JW has Medicare with supplemental insurance, he lives adequately on social security, pension…

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