My Interpretation Of Leadership : Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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What is leadership? My interpretation of leadership is a role, where a person with a lot of knowledge and wisdom has good will and kind heart to lead the ones who do not know where exactly to move. To be a force for weaker minds, to help stay strong together and to stand straight for the common good and rights. Leadership quality according to the Forbes magazine is often a person does not have to be,” an extroverted charismatic trait to practice leadership,” Also “and those with charisma don’t automatically lead.” (Web). But instead there is a person who leads and has followers no matter what character one is. But Martin Luther King, Jr. on the other hand is very charismatic person and leader.
Very wise man in history is Martin Luther King Junior. What made him such a good leader? What ideologies he tried to tell people about? What did he believe in? He had similar peers who were thinking with him, at the same time they wanted to achieve the same goal with different tools. Like Ella Baker, Malcolm X, J.H. Jackson and Mahatma Gandhi. The goal was the same gain peace, freedom and equality.
So what made King Jr. a good leader, in my opinion it was his will towards wisdom, religion and love. He was very intelligent and well educated man from Morehouse college to Boston University. King believed nonviolence protest and treating people with love had more impact than violence. He believed loving each other rather than harming one another has greater impact in change. Not just any…

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