Essay on My Great Grandmother, Blanche Thompson

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He left a pregnant wife and eight children behind. In February 7th, 1913, my great grandmother, Blanche Thompson was born in Kaneville Pennsylvania. She lived with her mother, Susan Thompson, who cleaned houses. My great grandmother once told me of the time she was around seven or eight when she rode on the back of her uncle’s wagon when a puppy ran out and he caught it for her and told her to keep him. Soon after that month, she told me about a man following her home claiming the dog was his, so she ran home and hid under her porch; now in today’s world this entire situation would be corrupt, nevertheless back at that time she was just worried he would take the dog from her, which he did leave her keep. She lived through the original swine flu and when her brother enrolled her in school, he thought her birthday was April 7th, 1913. She did however leave school in 8th grade, which was common at that time. Now jumping forward to the roaring twenties, specifically 1929 to 1930. When she was around sixteen, she went to a Halloween party in downtown Oil City, Pa. She told me a story of that day, she described a spectacular phenomenon she had seen, and she described a man dressed as a spider climbing a building. Nevertheless, other than a man dressed as a spider climbing a building, this was the time she meet my great grandfather, Frank Beach. She attended this party with her friend, the two ran into my great grandfather, and his friend, my great grandfather was a tall man…

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