Essay on My Favorite Candy : Sour Patch Kids

715 Words Oct 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Who here has heard someone use the term “Anxiety Attack”? Where they using the term loosely or do they actually know how an anxiety attack feels? Anxiety can be compared to a number of things; I however would like to compare it to my favorite candy: sour patch kids. Today, I am going to inform you on what anxiety is as well as the downsides and benefits of anxiety. So let’s tear open the bag of sour patch kids and grab a handful. What is Anxiety? Some of you know exactly what it is, while others are completely clueless. As stated by Jacqueline Howard in her article Why Women Are Way More Likely Than Men to Suffer Anxiety, anxiety disorders are the utmost common mental illness impacting Americans, costing the United States a whopping $42 billion a year. The article also included a true definition regarding what anxiety is. Anxiety is “the excessive worry, fear and isolation that goes on in your mind”. Those who suffer from this disorder experience worrying and overthinking on a day-to-day basis. No matter the issue, a date, a test, an interview, etc. Although anxiety can happen to anyone, Howards article also points out that it is more likely to occur within women than men. Samuel Hunley from Emory University explains that while it is normal for everyone to experience worry, people with anxiety, worry to extremes about everything and it seems uncontrollable. As we are chewing on this candy, I’m now noticing that zing from the sour sugar lacing the gummy piece.…

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