My Experience At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Essay

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I emerged from Central Park to see an immense temple of art towering above me. As I walked up the massive stone steps, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the building and how small I was in comparison. A wave of clarity washed over me creating a sense that I was about to witness something larger than myself. Once I walked inside, I stared up to the large vaulted ceilings and to the long corridors full of masses of people admiring the history in front of their eyes. There is an all-encompassing sense of cultural importance standing in the lobby. The value of what I was about to experience was global and proven in the many languages available for tours. During my exploration, I discovered three similar artworks, Dionysos Leaning on an Archaistic Female Figure, The Mother and Child, and The Great Sirens.
Dionysos Leaning on an Archaistic Female Figure is a representational marble sculpture. The sculpture depicts a strapping Dionysos, the god of wine and divine intoxication, in a glorious stance. A smaller woman covered drapery stands beneath his muscular arm. Dionysos Leaning on an Archaistic Female Figure was restored by Vincenzo Pacetti. The sculpture is a Roman adaptation, from 27 B.C.- A.D. 68., of a 4th century B.C. Greek original bronze work.
The Mother and Child statue depicts an abstracted woman holding her child in her lap. The woman is bare, only a hat on her head. The child is reaching up towards the mother’s face.…

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