Essay My Best Friend Is An African American

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When I was a freshman in high school there was a big problem with racism in my school. My best friend is an African American, Cain. In one of my classes with Cain there was another student who was a farmer. He was extremely racist. Every day he would have some new racial slur to say to Cain. He would not stop saying racist things to Cain. Cain tried ignoring him but the student still felt the need to provoke Cain by being as racist as possible. Every day for a semester and a little bit into next semester Cain was being bullied for being an African American by this man. It was absolutely ridiculous and kept getting worse. Eventually Cain got fed up with this and ended up getting him expelled. This process was not easy for Cain. The school made it very hard for Cain to prove his point and for the school to take action. He was first suspended and then expelled. About a month ago Cain got a message from this student over twitter. Cain was reluctant to open it up, but ended reading it anyways. The student said he felt terrible that he did these things to Cain and wanted to thank him for his service in the navy. This was the worst example of the institutional racism that I have witnessed firsthand. Cain had some others say racist things to him in school but nothing as bad as this. Still though I felt terrible for what Cain had to go through with racism in high school. Institutional discrimination is defined as “the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and…

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