Mussolini 's Speech On A Weak Position Of Power Essay

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Mussolini 's speech was written to introduce his desires as the Premier of Italy and also to portray himself as a strong, charismatic leader that would lift Italy from troubled times. It is interesting that he is not focussed that much on the policies that he will launch, but instead outlining rather broad principles. He also reflects on the actions he has not undertaken since his nomination of the Premier in October 1922. This essay will argue that this speech shows Mussolini in a weak position of power and eventually wanted to overthrow democracy in Italy because of the language he uses, his attitudes to violence and attitudes to democracy. It will then relate this analysis to the historical content and provide a historiographical debate. It will also show where this source lies in the historiographical debate itself.
Mussolini was not supporting democratic values because the speech suggests he did not gain power electorally and he was undemocratic because he did not take part in the democratic process. The first example of where anti-democratic rhetoric is apparent is when Mussolini claims the Italian people have 'overthrown a ministry and formed for itself an entirely new Government from the outside '. This suggests that the appointment of Mussolini as Premier was rather revolutionary and that this was not part of the democratic process, which can be supported by the fact that his party was the smaller party in the Coalition Government. He saw this as a revolution…

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