Music Department At Rock Creek Campus Essay

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Portland Community College (PCC) has Music Department at three campuses, Sylvania campus, Rock Creek, and Cascade. The first two campuses have the music program for students transferring to four year university and the cascade is for being professional musicians. Each program has the concert or music events to show the students’ progress each term. However, there is a tendency that few audiences come to visit the concert. It is the consequence of that people do not know the detail of the activity of the department very much since the advertisement of those events tend to be presented less. For example, the Music Department at Rock Creek campus has the Facebook page to introduce their events, but not about another campuses. The department at Sylvania makes a poster every semester about the concert, but the posters can be seen in certain places, such as music class rooms or in front of the chair of the music department’s office. As Result, there is a possibility that few new students come to PCC as music major because outsiders rarely know about PCC Music Department very much, and the college might start offering fewer number of music classes in the future. Besides, having few audiences at the concert can be a cause of the less motivation of the current music major students. The concert with few audiences do not seem to provide a good opportunity to students who desire to be professional musicians. A solution for the issue is making the website of the music department at…

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