Music And Its Influence On American Culture Essay

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Music has played a very inspirational part in American culture; there are many different types of genres that correlate with the times. African American’s musical culture was brought to the United States through the bonds of slavery. Music and dance have always been a spiritual and traditional part of the African-American culture. Jazz is a type of genre that was created through the roots of previous styles of music and has grabbed the ears of many for generations. Through relevance and astounding musical composers jazz has been listened and enjoyed by many different social demographics and races. The music is pure and holds no ignorance, which is the reason many associate this style with the Harlem renaissance. Jazz has been preserved as a music genre and is directly associated with the African-American artwork which to this day is recognized as American art.
The style/genre of Jazz music was originated by captive slaves in the 1890’s in New Orleans and was used as work songs and gospel as a rhythmic mood enhancer during their labor on the plantations. Jazz was defined as a combination of improvisatory styles and European form such as harmony, composition, and technique. Slave masters prohibited the use of drums resulting in the use of untraditional forms of instruments including banjos, hands and feet. This resulted in the development of the blues, spirituals, and the gospels. Jazz was performed differently; early jazz musicians could not notate music, which affected the…

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