Essay about Music And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Just like most things in life, music has developed drastically since the earliest centuries. Meaning, messages, and purpose all transformed or shifted for as long as music has existed. Different styles have developed resulting to the creation of new genres or at least a new style of that genre. Many of the most popular artists deviated from the usual, creating unique music which successfully appealed to people. The research of musical development is imperative to one who’s intentions are to identify the changes of music and how it reflects society.
During the Renaissance period, music was an imperative part of religious and courtly life. From the 1400’s to the 1600’s, the religious, political and economic events, as well as the transpose of ideas in Europe during this period influenced the change in style of music composition and new musical genres. The most common music during the early years of the Renaissance period was produced for the use of church. English and Northern European composers were very prevalent during the early fifteenth century. This was due to the ruling of The Burgundian Netherlands (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern Europe) by Dukes of French royal descent. The Burgundian court influenced and attracted many composers from Europe. The most important composer of this time was, Guillaume Du Fay who played an important role in setting the expectations of the new generation of Renaissance composers. He produced some French poetry that…

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