Mud Creek Medicine Case Study

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Effective Use of Similar Writing Styles What would Kiran Bhatraju, author of Mud Creek Medicine, a story about a woman’s struggle for health care reform, have in common with Susannah Cahalan, author of Brain on Fire, an autobiography about her month of madness? Well, both Bhatraju and Cahalan write their respective books using evidence from external sources to tell a story. Bhatraju uses Eula Hall’s testimonies and stories to explain the major impact Eula had on health care reform while Cahalan uses videos and testimonies from her friends and family to talk about a mysterious illness Cahalan faced. The similarities in writing strategies allow both authors to effectively achieve their goal of sharing the experiences of two important people. …show more content…
The authors tell a story about someone else’s life. They use the evidence provided to them to their advantage. Bhatraju uses the evidence to bring out Eula Hall’s personality. Eula has a very strong personality and Bhatraju is able to portray it very well by using many of Eula’s exact words. By using direct quotations, Eula’s personality is shown. This allows the readers sympathize. Cahalan’s autobiography also uses evidence. Without the evidence, not only would Cahalan not be able to write a book about herself, but she would not know what happened during her time in the hospital. The evidence gave Cahalan back the memories that she had lost. She was able to recreate her memories from the use of evidence. Both authors incorporate evidence in their respective books, by stating the evidence as a story. By presenting it as a story, the reader is able to easily understand the life of two important people. Cahalan’s story tells readers about an unimaginable disease that came upon her. By sharing her story, Cahalan was able to reach out to people experiencing something similar. While Eula Hall’s story tells people the story about how she brought healthcare to a small mountain town. Bhatraju writes Eula’s story to tell about the impact she has had on her

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