Mr. Wren And Dr. Kathy Wren Essay

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I was born on February 25th, 1999 in Winchester, Indiana. I am the daughter, and only child, of Mr. Randy Wren and Dr. Kathy Wren. I have lived in the same house my entire life and it is also the house that my father grew up in and eventually moved back to. I attended Decolores Montessori School in Greenville, Ohio until the end of my fifth grade year. After Montessori I transferred to Driver Middle School and I continued and now I attend Winchester Community High School. I have many of the same interests as an average seventeen year old girl like spending time with my friends and staying active, but I also think there are specific interests that are very unique to me. First, I enjoy riding four wheelers with my parents. This is something my father introduced me to a few years ago and now it has become a hobby that I enjoy with my parents. I also enjoy reading for pleasure. I have always been drawn to reading and I try to indulge in it as much as time will allow me to. I have recently picked up the hobby of baking and cooking. My mother is a former home economics teacher at Winchester Community High School and watching her cook over the years sparked my interest and now I try to help her cook dinner most nights. An activity that I enjoy with my father is shooting. He became a reserve sheriff’s deputy in 2008 and encouraged me to learn to shoot and I have enjoyed that ever since. As I have grown there are many things that I am proud of. My biggest honor was being recognized…

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