Mr. Finch And Sydney Carton Essay examples

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Mr. Stryver and Sydney Carton both come from similar backgrounds having attended the same school. Yet it is clear that both have built different lifestyles. Stryver, makes his way as a successful lawyer whose accomplishments can be credited to his way of “shouldering his way up in life” (137). His manner is loud and far from delicacy––his being referred to as “the fellow of delicacy” in chapter twelve is a sarcastic term in which it is clear Stryver is certainly not delicate. His presence is “too big for any place” (250) and his large, bullying movements caused him to be described as shouldering his way through life or pushing his way to the top like a “great sunflower pushing its way at the sun” (149). Stryver is a bully of the worse kind––a bully who leaves no room for others’ to share in success and takes all the success for himself. Then there is Mr. Carton, an apparent slacker and drunkard whose miserable outlook has led him to a miserable life working for another’s success. Carton’s manner is described as “so careless as to be almost insolent” (134) and it is most certainly true. His rough attributes and rude outbursts lead him to be disliked by many. Yet, there is a hidden side of Carton, one that touches those that see it. Thus are the individuals who make up the peculiar friendship between Stryver and Carton––a friendship that molds one of the individuals to become one of the most important character of the novel. While their situations are different, Carton and…

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