Essay on Movie Review : ' The Movie ' Tangled '

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The movie students decided to watch in class was the Disney animated movie Tangled. Tangled is about a lost princess who has over 50 feet of magical hair that can heal wounds and reverse aging. The princess was stolen from the guarded castle as a baby in the middle of the night. Rapunzel the name her parents had gave her was locked in a tall tower where no one would be able to find her. Rapunzel is a character that has both personalities outgoing and determined. She always finds ways to keep her busy while her “mother” is away looking for food and resources. As a thief enters the tower she makes this man a deal in order for him to be freed. Her challenge in this movie is to find a way to see the floating lanterns that ironically fall on her birthday. Her mother has always refused to let her out of the tower and this is now her chance to escape with the thief, Flynn Rider, before her mother stops her from seeing her dream the floating lanterns. Throughout the movie Tangled Rapunzel meets Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow 's hierarchy of needs talks about how all humans have different levels of needs for survival for example we work to make money to fulfill those needs such as food and objects an individual wants. The first step on Maslow’s pyramid is physiological. Physiological involves basic instincts that humans need to survive such as breathing, food, water, sleep, etc.…. Rapunzel fulfills this stage since she is a human being she first off needs to be able to…

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