Movie Review: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cliques is a small group of people which are close friends that spend time together and have share same interests and similarities. This group led Joel and Clementine’s place of encounter. Later these people Joel who he seeks emotional support from his sudden end of relationship with Clementine and then told Joel about Clementine undergoing the procedure.

Defensive coping a technique for coping which gives immediate solution or relief but with risks.
The procedure to erase or delete certain memories that remind them of hurtful or their source of stress. The method or therapy used in the movies is not different as defensive coping as it depicts immediate relief it doesn’t erase any feelings that still
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Conformity a change in attitude or behavior to fulfill social norms.
A scene in Joel’s childhood submitting to peer pressure as he decapitated the dead bird. This stems his personality where he has trust issues.

Extramarital Affair sexual relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse. Dr.Mierzwiak and Mary were caught by the Doctor’s wife and it was revealed that the procedure was done on her. It wasn’t really indicated where they had intercourse or whether it was a mutual relationship.

Part-time or limited Cohabitation, partners who are in a relationship that live as though they are married. As relationship grows the they will gradually spend more overnight together. In the movie Clementine spends most nights at Joel’s place but still retains her own apartment. A good example is when she said she’s taking her toothbrush with her to his
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It’s the stage when relationship is starting to decline, there’s usually two responses to this active or passive response. Rather than working it out Clementine impulsively undergone the procedure of erasing Joel from her mind which Joel eventually gone with the procedure himself thus ending their relationship of their past selves.

Defense Mechanism is a coping technique that unconsciously protects ourselves from anxiety and undesired impulses.We can clearly see Joel’s repression,rationalization and unwilling to open as a result from his past experiences from his childhood to adulthood. Such as dealing with peer pressure, when he was under the kitchen table or when he was a teenage when his mother caught him.

Approach-avoidance conflict a conflict that involves a goal with a positive and negative features.
In the scene where Joel and Clementine seek refuge in a vacation home in his memories of first meeting of Clementine. To Joel it seems risky as it means breaking and entering yet it could’ve been more fun, wine and will give them warmth for the night. He then regrets that moment of leaving the

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